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Plate-billed Mountain Toucan - Ecuador Birdwatching Tours

The tour of
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Are you ready for the finest birding experience Ecuador has to offer?

The finest birding in Ecuador

Bird Ecuador specializes in custom designed trips for any group size to anywhere in the country. We also have pre-designed itineraries for you to choose from that visit the most exciting birding areas in the country. Ecuador is the ideal country for birding and nature travel; it is compact, yet super diverse, and boasts a modern network of accommodations strategically positioned near the country's best birding hotspots. Our top-notch, bilingual birding guides will lead you on a birding adventure the length and pace that you want.


Bird Ecuador also has years of experience setting up student researcher and study abroad groups, as well as more general interest travel oriented more towards culture and relaxation. Let us know your interests and we can design whatever you want, including day trips and shorter tours.


Day Tour

This is a paramo treasure chest for spectacular scenery and Andean Condors. Black-faced Ibis, Ecuadorian Hillstars, Spectacled Bear, Culpeo Fox, and Antisana’s snow-capped, volcanic peak are all potential highlights.

Ecuadorian Hillstar
East Slope


A visit to the most diverse mountains on Earth, where you will visit the high treeless paramo all the way down through lush cloud forests and into the rich tropical foothills. Set your sights on colorful tanager flocks, dazzling hummingbirds, mountain-toucans and even Mountain Tapir and Night Monkey.

Slopes & Lowlands

A visit to the most comfortable lodges, surrounded by tall rainforest, amazing canopy towers, monkeys and hundreds of bird species. Ecuador is one of the easiest countries from which to explore and access the Amazon region.


Screenshot 2023-01-18 195611.png
West Slope


Dive headfirst into one of the planet’s most endemic-rich biomes, the famous Chocó region. This is the perfect tour to explore the many different elevational zones. Think Empress Brilliant, Toucan Barbet, Chocó Toucan,

Club-winged Manakin, and the list goes on.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 201115.png
Choosing Birdecuador

What makes us special?

Experience Birdwatching Ecuador Tours


Bird Ecuador has over two decades of experience operating tours to all corners of the country. The knowledge that our team of top birders and office staff bring to the design and execution of your tour will directly translate to the experience that you want it to be.

Sustainable Ecuador Birdwatching Tours


Bird Ecuador makes a special effort to work closely with the most ecologically responsible lodges and providers, promoting and prioritizing the “greenest” touristic endeavors first - including the Guango, San Isidro and the Jocotoco Foundation reserves - in hopes that such projects may be emulated in order to propagate a more sustainable future for all of Ecuador.

Relaiable Ecuador Birdwatching Tours


Ecuadorian-American owned and operated, Bird Ecuador is a legally registered and professionally-run agency dedicated to every detail of your vacation with the support you are looking for, and fully prepared to assist you in handling any inconvenience that may arise.

Amazon Macaws Ecuador Birdwatching Tours
Come bird with us in style to a region known to be Earth’s undisputed champion of biodiversity

What our clients have to say

Visiting Ecuador with Birdecuador was the most amazing experience! Carmen organized the best places to stay around Quito's cloud forest and highlands, and our one week trip to the Galapagos seamlessly. The meals at both Guango Lodge and San Isidro were like going to a 5 star restaurant, and we were well taken care of at every turn. We had the most amazing naturalist, Roberto, who we joked we could not stump with any question; he knew everything. We were so fortunate to have had this experience. Birdecuador kept us safe despite covid, giving us outdoor dining options and making sure all staff were masked at all times. Ecuador is much better than the U.S. in terms of masking and keeping safe, very impressive. I was also impressed with all the activities that were available to choose from in addition to the wildlife viewing--heated pools, thermal springs, canoeing, archery, etc. My kids enjoyed the monkey's, hummingbirds, and pool alike. I could not have imagined a better trip, thank you for making it so special!

Nina Wurster

Special thanks to our friends that allowed us the use of their amazing pictures


Glenn Bartley

Ben Lucking

Mitch Lysinger

Carlos Perez

Yamil Saenz

Emoeke & Nick Ullmann

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